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Smoke Detectors

   Installing a smoke detector is the single most important safety device for your home. Smoke Detectors warn you of smoke, and give you time to escape!


For best protection a smoke detector should be installed in every bedroom. For minimum protection a smoke detector should be installed on every level or your home.










To insure that your smoke detector is working properly, test each detector once a week.


Most smoke detectors need batteries to operate and have a limited life. To insure that your batteries do not run out, change them twice a year. A good reminded is "when you change your clock remember to change your smoke alarm batteries". Use only the type of batteries recommended on the detector.


If your smoke detector sounds the alarm, get out of the house quickly.

* Call for help from a neighbors house.

* Develop an escape plan and review your plan with all members of your family.

* Establish a meeting place outside the house to ensure that everyone gets out safely.


Smoke Detectors
One Smoke Detector Is Not Enough!
Install one on every level of your home.
Test your smoke detectors monthly.
Do not remove batteries to use in other appliances!
Do not remove batteries to silence nuisance alarms!
Change your batteries when you change your clocks- Fall & Spring.
Smoke detectors with dead or missing batteries will not protect your family.

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